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New Legislative Framework Coming for Policing
2015-08-17 6:48:17 PM

The government has announced a new round of consultations on the Police Services Act. Specific details about this consultation process will be available in the coming weeks, in the meantime, more information can be found here .

Residential Homes Act to be Review
2015-08-17 6:47:43 PM

The Ontario Seniors Secretariat has initiated a review of the Retirement Homes Act, as per legislated requirements that the Act be reviewed every 5 years. Learn more about the review, and find a copy of the consultation paper here .

Modernizing Intercity Bus Travel
2015-08-17 6:47:06 PM

The Ministry of Transportation is consulting on new rules and regulations to govern intercity bus travel in Ontario. Find out more information on this consultation here .

Full Ontario Pension Plan Details Released
2015-08-17 6:46:28 PM

The government has released the details of the Ontario Pension Plan, including the phase-in enrollment schedule, contribution amounts, and coverage. Learn more here .

Province Releases Community Hubs Action Plan
2015-08-13 5:45:39 PM

The province’s Community Hub Framework Advisory Group has released a report to guide the creation of community hubs. You can find out more here .

New Paper on Transparency, Privacy and the Internet for Municipal Governments:
2015-08-13 5:45:19 PM

The Information and Privacy Commissioner of Ontario has released a new paper on the need for municipalities to balance the need to protect privacy with the pressures of enhancing transparency in the Internet age. Read the paper here .

Federal Election Kicks-off
2015-08-13 5:44:07 PM

Federal parties began campaigning on the weekend, as the 42 nd Canadian federal election got underway. The election, which promises to be one of the longest in Canadian history, will take place on October 19 th . For a municipal perspective on the election, check out FCM’s R...

AMCTO MEA Submission Released
2015-08-13 5:42:48 PM

AMCTO has released its submission as part of the Municipal Elections Act Review , launched by the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing in late spring. AMCTO’s submission contains 23 specific recommendations under the themes of modernization and clarity. You can find a co...

Community Infrastructure Fund Applications Now Open
2015-08-13 5:38:17 PM

Applications are now open for the government’s infrastructure fund for critical infrastructure projects in small, rural, and northern municipalities. Learn more here .

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