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Municipal Use of Social Media Continuing to Grow
2015-09-17 2:46:29 PM

Redbrick Communication has released its latest update on how local governments in Ontario are using social and digital media. The update contains a number of interesting findings about how municipalities are making use of a variety of social media platforms, and becoming incr...

Liberals Look to Avoid Third Term with Marin
2015-09-11 6:34:49 PM

After an all-party panel could not reach consensus on the appointment of a new Ombudsman; it now appears that the Liberals are proposing to replace Marin with Deputy Ombudsman Barbara Finlay for a temporary term.  This was made clear in a letter from Government House Leader Ya...

Province Proposing a Lower Credit-Rating Threshold for Municipal Investments
2015-09-08 5:35:04 PM

In response to a request by the Association of Municipalities of Ontario, the province is proposing amendments to O. Reg. 438/97 , which regulates how municipalities are allowed to invest in bank debt. Currently local governments cannot hold investments which do not meet mini...

Ombudsman Mandate Grows - Ambiguity Surrounds Appointment
2015-09-03 1:09:06 PM

Municipalities are well aware that the provincial ombudsman will be gaining a significantly larger mandate over investigating complaints related to a number of broader public sector entities; notably that of municipalities.  While Andre Marin discusses this new authority aroun...

Canada in Recession...Ontario is Not
2015-09-02 12:36:02 PM

Recent reports have indicated that Canada is now technically in a recession but Ontario's Minister of Finance claims Ontario is not .  In fact, Kelsey Ingram, Sousa's press secretary said “Ontario’s economy is leading the country and private-sector forecasters expect it to co...

Province Leaves Door Open to "Street Checks" for Clear Policing Purposes
2015-09-02 2:19:07 AM

The Province is concluding its consultations on the use of police street checks (aka carding).  The Minister has indicated that there would be an elimination of the use of arbitrary checks but left the door open to those related to "clear policing purposes".  Community Safety ...

FCM's Green Municipal Fund Report Released
2015-09-01 1:38:37 PM

The Federation of Canadian Municipalities has just released its 2014-15 Green Municipal Fund Report  that seeks to highlight the growing ability of hundreds of municipalities across Canada to deliver projects with environmental, economic and social benefits to residents.

New Road Safety Rules Come into Effect
2015-09-01 12:58:50 PM

As of today, the Ontario government will put into effect  New Road Safety Rules that bring forth tougher penalties for distracted driving, protection of cyclists and the safety of tow-trucks and school buses.

City of London Fine Uber Drivers
2015-09-01 12:50:24 PM

In the ongoing challenge against Uber, the City of London has stepped up its efforts by  undertaking a two day blitz resulting in nearly 30 fines of around $500 each to local drivers.

IPC Calling for Access to Councillor's Records
2015-08-27 7:00:23 PM

As part of the municipal legislation review Ontario’s Information and Privacy Commissioner has written to the Minister of Municipal Affairs with a recommendation that amendments be made to MFIPPA that would extend its coverage to municipal councillor’s records. According to th...

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