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Accreditation Zone Challenge

Calling all AMCTO Members!!

Join us for the launch of our 3rd Accreditation Zone Challenge!

When: September 2019 – March 15, 2020

Prizes: The zones with the most and highest percentage of successful granted designations during this time frame will win:

  • A free workshop of their choice to be conducted in Fall 2020 
  • A feature in our launched Accreditation Express!
  • Bragging rights! Our defending champions are Zones 6 & 8


AMCTO Accreditation Testimonials:

"My recent completion of the CMO program and achievement of my CMO designation is by far my crowning education and professional achievement to date. I found the process and completion of the requirements provided me with a greater personal insight, understanding and appreciation for the professional attributes attained throughout my career."

- Sheridan L. Graham, CMO, Director, Corporate Projects & Services, County of Peterborough

“The AMP designation process provided myself an opportunity to reflect on my brief career and allowed me to identify my strengths; while providing insights into opportunities moving forward. Albeit challenging, it proves necessary in demonstrating competencies within municipal work. By obtaining the designation I feel that it is the essential foundation for supporting my future municipal endeavours, in what I hope will be a long, rewarding career.”

- Tyler C.J. Sager, AMP, Deputy Clerk, Municipality of Central Huron

“Achieving the AOMC designation was both a personal and professional milestone that simultaneously strengthens the role of the Clerk and my own career. Completing the application provided a great opportunity for self-reflection and it was relatively straightforward, with great support from AMCTO staff”

Lianne Sauter, Dipl. MA, AOMC, Director of Corporate Services/Clerk, Town of Bancroft

Join your peers today! Follow the links below to start your journey to Accreditation now:

Certified Municipal Officer (CMO): CMO

Accredited Municipal Professional (AMP): AMP

Accredited Ontario Municipal Clerk (AOMC): AOMC

Keep an eye on this Zone Challenge webpage where we will provide updates on registrations and allow you to keep score with us on newly successful accreditation holders!

For more information, please connect with Nikki Gaudon, Accreditation Coordinator:   905-602-4294 ext 235