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The Accredited Municipal Professional designation is a distinct tier of the CMO that allows municipal professionals in a non-management/leadership role the chance to demonstrate their municipal competence. Candidates are required to demonstrate applied knowledge and skills in five competency areas through their municipal accomplishments and experience.


The Accredited Municipal Professional (AMP) designation is conferred upon municipal professionals in a non-management/leadership role who have met a high standard of rigour in demonstrating knowledge and competence in municipal administration across 5 competency areas.


To apply for the AMP Program you need the following:

  1. Be a member of AMCTO in good standing
  2. Be employed by a municipality (or related organization) with at least three (3) years of experience in a non-management/leadership role
  3. Have completed the AMCTO Municipal Administration (MAP) Program or an acceptable equivalent. If not, are you eligiblefor an equivalency assessment?

If you want to learn more about the AMP, consult with our AMP Program Manual or speak with an AMCTO staff member today.

Ready to Apply?

Resources to Get You Started:

Registering for the AMP:


Preparing your AMP Submission


The AMP Review Proces

  • 3 AMP Reviewers independently review your submission
  • If you meet the threshold of 85% approval by at least ⅔ reviewers, you will be recommended for approval
  • Granting of the Designation by the Board of Directors at their next meeting


Maintenance of Designation Process

  • Follow the AMP Maintenance Program Guidelines
  • Use the AMP PDU Log Form & Sample Form
  • Reference our FAQs


AMP Testimonials

"My recent completion of the AMP program and achievement of my AMP designation is one of my greatest educational and professional achievements to date. The AMP program allowed me to reflect on my career thus far and I look forward to pursuing my CMO designation in the future."

- Becky M. Jamieson, AMP, Deputy Clerk, Township of Brock

"I found the AMP submission process fulsome and worthwhile. It gave me opportunity to reflect on past successes and plan for future projects. I feel that AMP is a meaningful designation."

- Kathie Nunno, Administrative & Accessibility Coordinator, Grey County


AMP Competency Requirements:

In order to be granted the AMP designation, you must be able to demonstrate applied knowledge and skills in 5 areas of competency, using municipal experience and accomplishments:

  • Municipal Operations
  • Service Delivery
  • Communication
  • Strategic & Organizational Management
  • Managing Work

For Assistance

After reading the AMP handbook, feel free to contact Nikki Gaudon, Accreditation Coordinator with any further inquiries:


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