Your Opportunity to Get Involved: AMCTO Board of Directors/Zone Executive

2023-02-06 1:57:25 PM

Your Opportunity to Get Involved:

Join the AMCTO Board of Directors or Zone Executive


AMCTO Board of Directors

The AMCTO Board of Directors supports the Association in our mission to provide professional development, engagement opportunities, advocacy and leadership in the Ontario municipal sector. In collaboration with the AMCTO staff, the Board works to support the delivery of programs and services that strengthen the capabilities and performance of AMCTO members and other municipal professionals.

We are currently accepting nominations for the following positions on our Board of Directors:

  • Vice-President for a one-year term commencing June 2023*

  • Two (2) Directors-at-Large for a two-year term commencing June 2023

  • Zone Directors for Zones 2, 4, 6, and 8 for two-year terms commencing June 2023

To be eligible for a Director position you must be a FULL member in good standing and, in the case of Zone Director, work for a municipality within the boundaries of the Zone you wish to represent.

*To be eligible to serve as Vice-President, an individual must:

  • Hold one of AMCTO’s recognized accreditations (AMP, AOMC, CMO, or AMCT)

  • Have been a FULL Association member for a minimum of three years

  • Have either current or past experience serving on the AMCTO Board of Directors

AMCTO and the Board of Directors is committed to diversity, equity and inclusion and values the voices, lived experiences and perspectives of individuals of all backgrounds. It is important that our Association reflects the diverse communities we serve. We strongly encourage applicants from diverse backgrounds to seek nomination.

Further information regarding the roles and responsibilities of the Board of Directors and the related time commitment can be obtained by contacting any member of the current Board of Directors or David Arbuckle, Executive Director.

Nominations will be accepted until 4:30 PM ET on Friday, March 24, 2023 and must be submitted electronically to David Arbuckle, Executive Director. See details in the form below.


We thank you in advance for your interest and nomination. Please note that only eligible applicants will be contacted regarding the success of their nomination and next steps.

Zone Executives

As a way to further support our members and provide opportunities to connect, we have divided the province into nine (9) Zones, based on county, regional and district boundaries. AMCTO Zones play an essential role in professional growth, information sharing, and networking. By participating in your Zone activities and contributing your ideas, you have the opportunity to learn from your fellow members, broaden your professional circle, and have a lasting impact on the Association and your community.

The activity of the Zones, which includes both a spring and fall meeting, are directed by a dedicated group of Zone Executive members. Without the volunteer efforts of the Zone Executives in each area, the important role Zones play in shaping Association programs and initiatives cannot happen. Each year, Zones look for members to fill various positions on their Executive including Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, and Directors-at-Large.

For a minimal time commitment, serving on your Executive allows you to support your community and fellow members, and help other local government professionals with their professional development while building your own skills at the same time. Whether you are a long-time AMCTO member or new to the Association, we ask that you strongly consider joining your local Zone Executive.

To find out about available Executive positions with your Zone, we encourage you to visit your Zone webpage. Under each Zone, you will find a list of current Zone Executives, including email addresses. Contact the Zone Chair (or any other Zone Executive member you might know) to learn about what position might be right for you!