Just Announced: New Affinity Partnership Program

2022-10-31 9:25:15 AM

We are proud to announce a new affinity partnership program with Perkopolis to offer all AMCTO members more savings and exclusive offers.
Perkopolis is Canada’s leading member perk program that offers great savings and experiences on a variety of practical, everyday products and services including travel, entertainment, local attractions, health and wellness products, brand name fashion, electronics, and more. Perkopolis' bilingual concierge team is available via telephone, and e-mail to address any questions and manage all member requests, six days a week, doing all the extra work necessary to provide a truly exceptional experience.
"AMCTO and the Board are always looking for ways to increase the value of your membership. We believe this partnership will build further connections and comradery within our AMCTO community and we hope members will enjoy all that this new affinity program has to offer!"
- David Arbuckle, MPA
Executive Director
As part of the 2022-2026 AMCTO Strategic Plan, providing valuable member experiences, network and community, is a top priority. With this new partnership, we are growing our affinity partnership program to serve members better and build on members' shared experiences.
How to Take Advantage of Program 'Perks'
  1. Go to www.perkopolis.com.
  2. Click “Register” in the top right corner.
  3. Enter a preferred, valid e-mail address and then you’ll receive an e-mail from Perkopolis – click the link within this e-mail that says "complete my profile".
  4. Enter AMCTO + your AMCTO member ID # (e.g., AMCTO123456).
  5. Enter the required information and click "accept terms and conditions" (Note: you will automatically be signed up to receive promotional emails from Perkopolis, however you can unsubscribe at any time by managing your email preferences within your Perkopolis account).
  6. Click "confirm" and then you're all set to start saving!
We are excited to have you take advantage of all that this new program has to offer! Visit the link below to learn more about this new program and our affinity partners. 
For more information about how to set-up a Perkopolis account please contact: customerservice@perkopolis.com
For more information about your AMCTO membership, please contact: