AMCTO Update – Here to Help You

2020-04-29 9:09:50 AM

As municipal professionals across the province continue to adapt to the changes in municipal sector operations arising from the COVID-19 pandemic, AMCTO is also adapting and taking steps to meet your needs on a number of fronts.

With access to comprehensive and relevant education and professional development opportunities being more important than ever, AMCTO has committed to developing and providing online learning opportunities that provide the same valuable experience as participants would receive through an in-person event.  The Association is also committed to offering a wide range of focused webinars on both COVID and non-COVID related topics.  As these new events are launched over the coming weeks and months we will be updating our website and also sharing details directly with you.

Education and Professional Development

Realizing that it can be overwhelming to keep track of the various announcements, legislative changes, and other resource materials pertaining to the COVID-19 situation, AMCTO is continuing to provide the information you need to stay current. Our regular AMCTO Policy Blog posts provide subscribers with direct notifications about new government directives, legislations and regulations while our COVID-19 Resource page provides links to relevant and useful information from the federal and provincial government and other municipally-oriented organizations.  Most recently, we have also worked with partner organizations to create an Electronic Council Meetings Resource page to provide the legislative context and practical considerations for the task of undertaking electronic council meetings.

AMCTO Policy Blog COVID-19 Resource Electronic Council Meetings Resource

As we all continue to navigate this uncharted territory, AMCTO is available to respond to your inquiries and to hear your suggestions about other things we could be doing that would most benefit you.  While our office continues to be closed, AMCTO Staff are ready to help in whatever way we can.  While it is possible to leave us voicemail messages should you wish to do so, we would encourage you to e-mail us instead.  Staff contact information is available through our website.

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