AMCTO - COVID-19 Update - March 16, 2020

2020-03-19 3:02:58 PM

As the current situation in Canada regarding the COVID-19 virus continues to evolve on a daily basis, AMCTO has been working over the past several days to determine an appropriate course of action that takes into account the health and well-being of the Association, AMCTO Staff and our many members and customers.
Recognizing that things continue to evolve and that directions from public health authorities may change at any time, the focus of our planned response at this time is primarily on the next 4 weeks (i.e. until Friday, April 10th). Details of the actions we are taking are summarized below.
AMCTO Forums
The Association has three Forum events scheduled between now and the end of May. At this time:
  • the Leadership Forum (scheduled for March 27th) and the Clerks Forum (scheduled for April 17th) will be postponed to later in 2020.
  • the Municipal Licensing & Law Enforcement Forum (scheduled for May 21st & 22nd) is continuing to be planned as an in-person event with a live-streaming option.
AMCTO In-Class Course Offerings
The Association has in-class course offerings (i.e. MAP program, EDMM program) scheduled in the next few weeks. These in-class offerings will be postponed to a later date taking into account the availability of course instructors and space availability in the AMCTO office. There are other off-site offerings of these programs also scheduled in various host municipalities; however, we have already been informed that most of these events are being postponed by the host municipalities.
AMCTO Workshops
Any AMCTO professional development Spring workshops scheduled within the next four weeks will be postponed and rescheduled to a later date in the Spring.
Cancellation Policy
At present, the Association charges a cancellation fee for any cancellations received less than 14 days prior to any scheduled event (30 days for the conference). We will be suspending this practice for cancellation requests received for events that have been postponed or are scheduled to occur prior to April 30th 2020 if you decide to cancel based on concerns or restrictions regarding your health or travel. However, AMCTO has every intention to reschedule any postponed events to a later date, and can easily transfer your registration to the new dates as soon as they are available.
Where applicable, if you have booked accommodation or travel relative to any of the postponed events noted above, please be sure to cancel your reservation. AMCTO will not be responsible for any costs associated with accommodation or travel.
Spring Zone Meetings
Our nine AMCTO Zone Executives are currently evaluating their options with respect to holding, postponing or cancelling their Spring 2020 Zone Meetings. As each Zone makes their decision, they will be communicating with you through their usual channels.
AMCTO Office
At this time, almost all AMCTO Staff will be working from home for the next two weeks following which we are currently planning to return to normal operations, unless other specific action is mandated by government authorities. However, because it is still important to answer/respond to incoming telephone inquiries from concerned members/customers we have arranged for a couple of designated staff to come into the office each day on a rotational basis to field any incoming calls and respond/re-direct them as appropriate.
Looking Ahead
As of today, planning for the AMCTO Conference (June 7th – 10th 2020) is continuing under the assumption that the event will still occur as scheduled. All other AMCTO events not specifically discussed above also remain scheduled as planned. Registrations for all of these events will continue to be received and processed.
We will continue to monitor the situation closely and will notify you of alternative arrangements should they become necessary.
Please rest assured that the Board of Directors and the entire AMCTO staff team are focused on ensuring that we respond effectively and appropriately to this very fluid situation. We are committed to the best interests of the Association and our membership.