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Parliamentary Meeting Protocol Course (PMPC)


Parliamentary Meeting Protocol Course (PMPC)

This one unit course is led by a Professional Registered Parliamentarian and Certified Municipal Officer with years of experience as a Municipal Clerk. The course covers Robert’s Rules of Order (RONR) – 12th Edition, its implementation, procedures and complexities. A Certificate is issued upon successful completion of the course.

Program Format

PMPC is available in one format:
  • Correspondence Format: In this format, you are required to read the textbook and submit assignments according to a given schedule. There is no exam for this course. You will be assigned to a marker who will grade your assignments. If you have questions, the marker can answer them, but there is no live lecture or instruction. Instead, all PMPC activites/communication will continue to be performed via direct email contact with your marker, for the Fall 2021.
  • Digital Format (Zoom)/Classroom Offering is not availabe for this course.

Correspondence Format Tuition Fees

PMP Course Fee: $412.45 ($365.00 + $47.45 HST)

NOTE: The RONR - 12th Edition will need to be purchased separately through Amazon or other major online booksellers.

All other course materials are provided through online access.

​​Correspondence Course Refund Policy: A student who cancels from any Unit before the first scheduled assignment due date is entitled to a partial refund of fees less a refund levy of $113.00 ($100.00 + $13.00 HST). In order to receive the partial refund, you must submit written notice of your cancellation to Education Department. No refunds will be granted for cancellations received after the first scheduled assignment due date. A student cannot transfer their registration or payment to a later date. No returns accepted or no refunds for the hard copy textbook.
Course Information

Throughout the course lessons, there will be a series of various questions; true/false, search drills, general application and multiple-choice.

Note:  The research drills provide a series of quotes taken from RONR and the Student is asked to find the page of reference for the exact quotes.  This will help the student to become familiar with the Index and develop your search capabilities in the event that you are asked to assist with a ruling by the Chair.  As well, once you find the exact quote, the Student is asked to use this quote and provide a scenario where this may be applied.

Student Handbook

Registration for the Fall Term correspondence course closed August 6, 2021 and we are no longer accepting late registrations. Set your calendar for December 1st, when regustration will open for the next term.