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Municipal Accounting & Finance Program (MAFP)


Municipal Accounting and Finance Program (MAFP)

MAFP provides the fundamentals of finance as well as an overview of the legislation that impacts accounting and financial management within the municipal environment. MAFP is a stand-a-lone certificate program consisting of two units. Although it is recommended that you register to take one unit at a time, we do leave the decision up to the individual. You are the best person to determine if you can commit to the curriculum and schedule for more than one unit during the same term. Successful completion of the two units within a two-year timeline is one of the four elements of AMCTO's Diploma in Municipal Administration (DMA).

Each year, AMCTO presents an award for excellence to the student who attains the highest cumulative mark upon completion of the two units of this program.

Program Format

MAFP is available in two formats:
  • Correspondence Format: In this format, you are required to read the textbook, submit assignments, and complete an exam according to a given schedule. You will be assigned to a marker who will grade your assignments and exam. If you have questions the marker can answer them, but there is no live lecture or instruction. Instead, all activites/communication is performed via a Learning Management System (LMS).
  • Digital Format (Zoom): Like the correspondence format, you are required to complete assignments and an exam based on a given schedule. But the key difference is that you will attend a series of live online classes delivered by an instructor via Zoom.

Correspondence Format (LMS) Tuition Fees

$412.45 ($365.00 + $47.45 HST) for each unit.

All course materials including the textbook are provided through online access. If you would like a hard copy of the textbook, an additional $35 fee applies and the total will be $452.00 ($365.00 + $35.00 + $52.00 HST)Hard copy textbooks are shipped after registration closes.

​​Correspondence Course Refund Policy: A student who cancels from any Unit before the first scheduled assignment due date is entitled to a partial refund of fees less a refund levy of $113.00 ($100.00 + $13.00 HST). In order to receive the partial refund, you must submit written notice of your cancellation to Education Department. No refunds will be granted for cancellations received after the first scheduled assignment due date. A student cannot transfer their registration or payment to a later date. No returns accepted or no refunds for the hard copy textbook.

Digital Format (Zoom) Tuition Fees

$508.50 ($450.00 + $58.50 HST) for each unit.

All course materials are provided through online access.

Digital Format Refund Policy: All cancellations must be confirmed in writing to Education Department. A refund levy of $113.00 per unit ($100.00 + $13.00 HST) will be applied to all cancellations received up to fourteen (14) business days prior to the event. Refunds are not granted for cancellations made within thirteen (13) days or less of the event date.
Registration for the MAFP Unit 1 Correspondence Offering - Introduction to Municipal Accounting and Financial Reporting

MAFP Unit 1 is designed to introduce the students to the basics of accounting and financial reporting requirements of Ontario municipalities as of the 2019 fiscal year. This will include an exploration of legislative requirements as well as public sector accounting standards and guidelines. It is important to note that each province have different legislation governing municipal finance. However, all municipalities are required to follow Public Sector Accounting Board Standards. Further, municipalities in Ontario vary in its services depending upon their type: upper-tier, lower-tier and single tier. When reading and comparing financial information and statements, this knowledge is important as no two municipalities are the same. Much of Unit 1 focuses on basic, mandatory financial accounting and reporting and are generally considered “minimum” requirements.

Registration for the Fall Term correspondence course closed August 6, 2021 and we are no longer accepting late registrations. Set your calendar for December 1st, when regustration will open for the next term.

Registration for the MAFP Unit 2 Correspondence Offering - Financial Planning and Asset Management

MAFP Unit 2 of the program will build on Unit 1 by exploring budgeting, financial planning and asset management.  Most of this unit explores emerging best practice and will provide a basis for improvements in municipal financial management.  Municipalities will each have their unique approach to financial planning and the unit will only provide a brief overview.  Students are encouraged to research the approaches by several municipalities to gain an understanding of changing financial management practices.

Registration for the Fall Term correspondence course closed August 6, 2021 and we are no longer accepting late registrations. Set your calendar for December 1st, when regustration will open for the next term.

Challenging a MAFP Unit

Applicants must have a minimum of five-years related municipal experience in a senior supervisory role and/or courses to receive approval to challenge any unit of MAFP. Challenging any unit of MAFP is an opportunity to receive credit for a specific MAFP Unit without submitting assignments. Approved applicants will be required to submit a paper and write an exam for each unit. An overall minimum passing grade of 70% must be attained to gain credit for the specific MAFP Unit you are challenging.

Challenge Fee with PDF version of textbook: $265.55 per unit (235.00 + 30.55 HST #R106732936)
Challenge Fee with PDF and Hardcopy of textbook: $305.10 per unit (235.00 + 35.00 + 35.10 HST #R106732936)

Those who meet the minimum requirements mentioned above and are interested in registering to challenge any MAFP Unit, submit the MAFP Challenge Application  to Rosita Bourke.
(only available when the correspondence registration is open).

Registration for Digital Format (Zoom) Classes

MAFP Unit 1 - Introduction to Municipal Accounting and Financial Reporting (5 Days)

Registration is closed. The class has reached capacity and we are no longer accepting names for the waiting list.

Fee for each Unit: $508.50 ($450.00 + $58.50 HST). Includes all unit materials provided through online access.

Curriculum: Although the curriculum is the same as the correspondence offering, it is the delivery that is different. The Instructor will schedule all assignments and the 24-hour, open-book exam date with you after the classes have started.

Attendance is essential to this format of learning however, these sessions will be recorded. In the event that you are unable to attend any one of these dates, you will have the opportunity to listen to the presentation at a later date.

Dates for MAFP Unit 1 Zoom classes: May 27th, June 3rd, June 10th, June 17th and June 24th (2021). Each day is from 9 am to 2 pm with sign-in at 8:30 am.

Exam Dates: July 7th, July 8th or July 9th

Instructor: Brian Parrott, B.Sc.H., CPA, CGA. Please click here to see Brian's full BIO.

MAFP Unit 2 - Financial Planning and Asset Management (5 Days)

Registration is closed.

Dates for MAFP Unit 2 Zoom classes: Sept. 15th, Sept. 22nd, Sept. 29th, Oct. 6th and Oct. 13th (2021). Each day is from 9 am to 2 pm with sign-in at 8:30 am.

Exam Dates: TBD

Instructor: Jeffrey Morrison, CPA, CGA. Please click here to see Jeffrey's full BIO.