Education & Professional Development

Corporate Training


Why Choose Corporate Training?

Make an investment in your organization's most valuable resource...your staff. Our Corporate Training program allows you to bring our custom-designed, high-quality workshops in-house to train employees directly as part of a focused learning opportunity.

Benefits of Corporate Training:

  • Train more people for less money
  • Cut down on staff travel, accommodations, time and expenses
  • Have your staff learn together, explore and ask questions and share a common training experience
  • Set your own learning schedule
  • Work with other municipalities near you and take advantage of group savings

Interested in learning more?

Explore our corporate training offerings below and complete the Corporate Training Web Quotation Form or contact us.

Education Courses

Curious about completing courses within our Diploma in Municipal Administration (DMA) as part of a corporate training? Contact Jeanne Moon, Coordinator of Programs & Services to learn more.