Zone 3

The Counties of Brant, Haldimand, Norfolk and Oxford, the Regional Municipalities of Halton, Niagara and Waterloo, and the City of Hamilton.  
Jennifer Shaw, Dipl.M.M.
City of Cambridge

Valerie Petryniak, CMO, AOMC
Vice Chair
Town of Halton Hills

Andrea Coyne, Dipl.M.M.
Past Chair
Town of Oakville

Amelia Jaggard
Town of Tilsonburg

Amanda Fusco, CMO, Dipl.M.A.
City of Kitchener

Danielle Manton, Dipl.M.M.
Zone 3 Board Director
City of Cambridge

Tim Brubacher, AMP, Dipl.M.A.
Zone Director
Regional Municipality of Waterloo

Natasha Coric
Zone Director
Town of Oakville

Donna Delvecchio, AOMC
Zone Director
City of St. Catharines

Sunayana Katikapalli
Zone Director
City of Woodstock

Julie Kirkelos, Dipl.M.M.
Zone Director
Town of Lincoln

Nina Lecic, CMO, AOMC, Dipl.M.A., Dipl.M.M.
Zone Director
Town of Milton

John Mattocks
Zone Director
City of Cambridge

Kyle Pratt, CMO, Dipl.M.A.
Zone Director
Town of Tillsonburg

Greta Susa, AMP
Zone Director (Education Coordinator)
Town of Milton

Matthew Trennum
Zone Director
City of Thorold

Posted by: 215103
Mon, 27 Feb 2023 16:44:27 GMT
The Town of Lincoln is undergoing a comprehensive review of the organization’s by-laws and policies. I’m inquiring if your municipality has undertaken a similar review and if you’d be willing to share any resources or be willing to meet virtually to discuss the project and the process that you undertook.
Thank you in advance.
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