Register for our Fall Meeting and Election Training

2021-09-20 4:14:09 PM

What to expect:

Join us for a morning of Zone updates and an Election Training Workshop facilitiated  by Debi Wilcox in the afternoon. Please see the attached agenda for a more detailed schedule of the items covered at this Fall meeting. 

You can choose to attend just the morning session, just the afternoon or the entire day (encouraged). The morning session will be at no cost to our members. The afternoon session will be at a cost of $175.00 (plus HST & fees). This is simply to recover the cost of hosting the session.

The Election Training Session covers:

  • What you need to know and why for successful municipal elections
  • The importance of the Clerk’s role and establishing processes and systems early
  • FAQ’s on Candidates and Third Party Advertisers
  • Vote Method/Count and determining the forms to utilize
  • And much more...

This Primer Workshop provides useful high level municipal election information that compliments the
2022 AMCTO Municipal Election Training Program suite. .


Please click here to register for the morning meeting and here to register for the elections training workshop in the afternoon. You must register for both if you’d like to attend for the entire day. Two separate Zoom links will be sent to you for the registrations.