Zone 2

The Counties of Bruce, Dufferin, Grey, Huron, Perth, Simcoe and Wellington.  
Zone 2 Fall Meeting Registration

Posted by: Christine E. Fraser-McDonald
2022-11-14 3:16:47 PM

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November 25, 2022 Zone 2 Agenda Package

Posted by: Christine E. Fraser-McDonald
2022-11-14 1:09:43 PM

November 25, 2022 Zone 2 Virtual Meeting Agenda

Garrett Meades
City of Guelph

Donna-Lynn Tremblay
Past Chair
City of Guelph

Alan Selby
Vice Chair
Township of East Garafraxa

Lindsay Cline
2nd Vice Chair
Municipality of North Perth

Christine E. Fraser-McDonald
Municipality of Arran-Elderslie

Laura Aston, AMP, Dipl.M.A.
Town of Grand Valley

Dylan McMahon
Zone 2 Board Director
City of Guelph

John Daly, CMO
Zone Director
County of Simcoe

Nadeem Dean, Dipl.M.M.
Zone Director
Zone 2

Kristine Preston, CMO, Dipl.M.A.
Zone Director
City of Orillia

Jessica L. Rudy, AMP
Zone Director
Municipality of Huron East

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Posted by: 103520
Thu, 01 Dec 2022 21:13:50 GMT
As a response to Bill 23 requirement to charge rated Development Charges, I am looking for the best way to create and track this. I believe the only way is to create a spreadsheet. Wondering if there is an app for that to make it easier on staff? Our financial program is Great Plains. Our building permit program is cloudpermit.