September 2021
Regulatory Registry Posting: Regulatory proposal under the Building Code Act, 1992

2021-09-13 5:09:31 PM

Under the Building Code Act, 1992
Consultation Timeline: September 8, 2021 - October 23, 2021
Ministry: Municipal Affairs and Housing
Further details and to comment:

The Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing (MMAH) has released a discussion paper regarding amendments to the Building Code (O. Reg. 332/12) to clarify building officials’ ability to use remote inspections methods and to update the Building Code requirements to facilitate the construction of “tiny homes”.

Remote Inspections

The proposed amendment to the Building Code would clarify that building inspectors can inspect the construction of buildings through remote inspection methods as an alternative to physically attending the construction site. While the Building Code does not currently prohibit remote inspections, changes are proposed to clearly state that building inspectors and building departments can use alternative inspection methods (e.g. video, photos) at their discretion.

Tiny Homes

The proposed amendment would clarify and provide requirements for a municipal building official to conduct off-site inspections of tiny homes and would include provisions identifying which building department is responsible for undertaking permit review and inspections for tiny homes in those situations where construction and final location of the building are in different municipalities. The proposed amendments are limited to homes that are 37 m2 or less.

If made, the proposed amendments to the Building Code are intended to come in effect on January 1, 2022 at 12:01am.
Building Code Act
O. Reg. 332/12: Building Code
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