September 2021
New IMFG Paper on Indigenous-Municipal Relationships

2021-09-27 1:23:44 PM

The Institute on Municipal Finance and Governance (IMFG) has released a paper describing evolving municipal relationships with Indigenous Peoples and calling attention to an urgent need to review Indigenous-municipal relationships across Canada.

The paper argues that municipalities should look beyond debates over duty to consult and whether it applies to them, and instead move towards reciprocal and respectful relationships with Indigenous communities that recognize and endorse Indigenous rights and responsibilities.

According to the paper, such a process could include ensuring that the practice and revitalization of Indigenous cultural traditions and customs take place without interference from municipal bylaws, increasing Indigenous representation on governing bodies, and entering into protocols and agreements with First Nations on land bordering municipal boundaries and with Indigenous Peoples living in cities.

Though municipalities are limited to exercise the authorities granted by provinces, considerable uncertainty remains around the role of municipalities in Indigenous-Crown relationships. The paper considers whether and how municipalities are making meaningful changes to modify their governance models and create reciprocal and respectful relationships with Indigenous Peoples and communities in relation to distinct Indigenous ways of framing human responsibilities and rights.

One page summary
Indigenous-Municipal Legal and Governance Relationships


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