September 2019
Government Proposing Regulatory Framework for Speed Enforcement

2019-09-05 9:05:00 AM

The government is proposing a regulatory framework for amendments made to the Safer School Zones Act by the previous government in 2017.

The amendments were designed to prevent speeding and include the use of automated speed enforcement (ASE – or, more commonly, photo radar) technology on municipal roads and streamlining the process to adopt and use red light cameras (RLCs) – both of which can be placed in school and community safety zones.

While the Ministry has yet to propose regulations supporting the use of ASE, they will include “operational, procedural, and evidentiary requirements”. Such regulations will provide municipalities the option to implement ASE programs in school and community safety zones and vehicles that violate speed limits would be fined. Municipalities would also assume full responsibility of the program administration, which includes installing the devices, selecting locations, and processing and distributing evidence and tickets.

The proposed framework for the RLCs will change Ontario Regulation 277/99 (red light camera evidence) to “streamline municipal authorization to use RLCs” thereby removing the requirement where RLCs could only be designated by regulation.

AMCTO encourages our members to share these kinds of regulatory proposals and other consultations with your organizations. Offering input into government proposals allows the government to better understand the challenges municipalities face and consider the needs of local government when developing new policies 

The closing date for comments is October 3rd. To give your feedback, click here.

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