October 2021
Ontario Launches Verify Ontario App

2021-10-15 12:20:14 PM

On October 15th, the Province announced the launch Verify Ontario App, billed as a temporary measure, which will be used by businesses and organizations to verify proof of vaccine through the scanning of a QR Code. The App is being made available for businesses and organizations to test and get used to app ahead of the official roll out on October 22nd .
Starting October 15th, those with birthdays in January to April can log on to the  COVID-19 vaccination portal to download their QR codes. On October 16th those with birthdays in May to August can do so and finally those with birthdays September to December can log on to download their QR Code on October 17th. Anyone can logon at 6 am on October 18th to download their QR Code.
Those who prefer to use a paper QR code can print it and take it with them to be scanned. People can also continue to use their vaccine receipts to show proof. The proof of vaccination is required at specified business and organizations.
The App has been built to the SMART Health standard adopted by federal government in collaboration with provinces and territories.
Regulations and guidance for businesses have been updated to support the implementation of the enhanced vaccine certificate with a QR code and the Verify Ontario app.
The Province is said to be finalizing plans for exiting Phase 3 of the Roadmap to Re-Opening in a cautious manner which may be released next week
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Backgrounder FAQ on Enhanced Vaccine Certificate


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