October 2018
Changes to Blanket and Bazaar Lottery Licences

2018-10-02 11:56:26 AM

The Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario has made a number of changes to lottery licencing policies that are designed to provide greater flexibility for charities and ease the administrative burden. Specific changes introduced at the beginning of September by the AGCO include: 

  • Reducing the minimum prize amount for online raffle ticket ordering 

  • Increasing flexibility on the timing of certain raffle licence fee payments

  • Eliminating the requirement to submit winning bingo cards with financial reports 

  • Raising the prize maximum for blanket raffles to $50,000 and extending the licensing period to one year 

  • Raising the prize maximum for bazaar events to $5,000 for bingo and $50,000 for raffles and penny auctions 

Find more details on these changes here


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