October 2017
Bill with Voters' List Implications Passes

2017-10-25 11:03:35 AM

CATEGORIES: Elections, Advocacy

Bill 152, the Representation Statute Law Amendment Act, has passed third reading and is awaiting Royal Assent. Amongst other measures, Bill 152 will allow the Chief Electoral Officer to provide information from the Permanent Register of Electors of Ontario (PREO) to MPAC for use in the municipal voters' list. 

AMCTO has been actively advocating for improvements to the voters' list since the 2014 municipal election. While Bill 152 will help improve the quality of the data that makes up the municipal voters' list, it will not resolve any of the endemic problems with the list. After the 2014 municipal election, the government committed to resolving the issues with the municipal voters' list. While a number of small changes have been made, originally through Bill 181, and now through Big 152, the systemic challenges remain. Going forward, AMCTO will continue to advocate for transformative solutions to the fix the voters' list. 

Read Bill 152 here

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