November 2018
Best Practices for Cannabis Legalization

2018-11-19 2:51:36 PM

On November 8, AMCTO hosted a forum on the legalization of recreational cannabis. Participants at the forum discussed a range of best-practices for private retail sales of recreational cannabis, including topics related to by-laws, licensing, zoning, and enforcement.  

The forum included presentations from municipal public servants from the cities of Toronto, Waterloo, Guelph, Mississauga and Calgary on how their respective cities are moving forward on the proposed legislation.

Have a look at the presentations below for examples on how your municipality can best approach the legalization of cannabis: 

Toronto: Mark Sraga, Director, Investigation Services, Municipal; Licensing and Standards

Waterloo: Shayne Turner, Director, Municipal Enforcement

Mississauga: Craig Calder, Manager, Compliance and Licensing 

Calgary: Matt Zabloski, Project Lead for the Legalization of Cannabis, Business Strategist, Calgary Community Standards, City of Calgary


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