November 2017
Ontario Introduces Proposed Policing Reforms

2017-11-03 1:14:50 PM

Yesterday Minister of Community Safety and Correctional Services Marie-France Lalonde and Attorney General Yasir Naqvi introduced the government's proposed community safety and policing reforms. Key reforms include: 

  • Giving municipalities a larger role in defining and addressing local policing needs 

  • Creating a new Inspector General of Police, whose mandate would be to oversee and monitor police services and police service boards 

  • Expanding and clarifying the mandates of Ontario's three police oversight bodies 

  • Establishing strong penalties for officers who do not comply with investigations 

  • Creating strict time lines for police oversight investigations and public reporting 

  • Requiring that more information about the results of investigations and disciplinary hearings are released by oversight bodies 

  • Establishing, through regulation, the community safety responsibilities that can only be performed by sworn police officers 

  • Creating a new Missing Persons Act

  • Improving the Coroner's Act and Ontario's inquest system

  • Creating a provincial accreditation framework that would require forensic labs to be accredited  

Find out more about these changes here


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