November 2017
Code of Conduct Regulation Posted

2017-11-15 3:58:34 PM

The government has posted a regulatory proposed that would prescribe what municipalities and local boards must include their codes of conduct. The following items are prescribed subject matters to be included:

  • Gifts, benefits and hospitality.

  • Respectful conduct, including conduct toward officers and employees of the municipality or the local board, as the case may be.

  • Confidential information.

  • Use of property of the municipality or of the local board, as the case may be.

For municipalities working on or re-visiting their code of conduct, it will be important that the above is reflected within their respective code of conduct. This regulation comes into effect on March 1, 2019.

See the full regulations below:

Municipal Act Code of Conduct Regulation.

City of Toronto Act – Code of Conduct Regulation 

Comments can be submitted on this proposed regulation until January 9th 2018. 


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