May 2016
Government Announces New Funding for Energy Retrofits and Social Housing

2016-05-25 3:27:47 PM

The Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing and the Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change announced today that over the next four years, the province will be investing up to $900 million from cap and trade proceeds into energy retrofits. The full funding will be divided into $500 million for a retrofit program offering efficient and renewable energy technologies for social housing, and up to $400 million for an incentive program offering grants and rebates for private residential multi-tenant buildings to buy energy efficient technologies. This is an expansion of the Green Investment Fund and part of Ontario’s Climate Change Action Plan which is set to be released this summer. For more: News Release: Ontario Investing up to $900M in Energy Retrofits for Social Housing, Private Residential Apartment Buildings Ontario’s Climate Change Strategy Ontario’s Green Investment Fund Ontario’s Long-term Energy Plan


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