May 2016
AMCTO Accessibility Hub Coming Soon

2016-05-26 6:18:17 PM


AMCTO is pleased to announce the upcoming launch of the Accessibility Hub in early June. This will be a website dedicated to sharing the work that individuals, municipalities, public, private and non-profit organizations have been doing to improve the everyday lives of people with disabilities. Central to the Accessibility Hub is participation from active citizens working to improve accessibility provincially, nationally and globally. The Accessibility Hub will feature contributions from community members, and we are seeking a variety of submissions from real-world accessibility projects to grassroots initiatives. AMCTO sees its vision for the Accessibility Hub as being “a resource place for issues related to accessibility that can be utilized by all sectors. Through sharing and bringing ideas and people together on-line – there is an opportunity to increase awareness and build on good practices to make our province more accessible.” When asked about why AMCTO is launching this initiative and becoming a leader in the field of accessibility, Rick Johal, the Director of Member and Sector Relations adds, “We are undertaking this as a continuation of our work with Ontario’s Accessibility Directorate of Ontario. We have provided education to the municipal sector for many years and more recently, helped them celebrate the 10-year AODA anniversary with Ontario’s communities. This is merely a continuation of that work.” Municipalities will continue to play an important role in helping Ontario reach its accessibility objectives by 2025. The province has set out rules and deadlines around various accessibility standards which municipalities must meet. As AMCTO moves towards instructing its members about accessibility issues, the hub will provide a platform for research, discussion and discourse through content shared by organizations and members of the public. In order to build this hub of knowledge and information we need you! We would love to highlight the projects and initiatives happening within your community and invite you (or your colleagues) to submit a post to be featured on the Accessibility Hub blog. To give you an idea of what we are looking for, we are including some of the blog submission guidelines below (though nothing is written in stone!): What we are looking for in a post:

  • Post title, author and associated organization or group (if applicable).
  • Posts between 250-1000 words.
  • Information about the initiative, addressing challenges, community response, etc.
  • Images and other forms of media (any images should be properly attributed and have been credited.)
  • Include any links that you would like embedded into text (if your organization has a twitter account, website, etc. feel free to include this).
  • Use of accessible/plain language.
  • Feel free to be creative in your posts – the more engaging the better!
  • We may make changes to grammar and/or spelling (only as needed).
If you have an idea for a post, please email Kayla Altman, Web Content Coordinator at with information or ideas about what you would like to write about. At this time we are looking for posts that can be begin to be shared by mid-June 2016. With your help, we look forward to creating a community dedicated to removing barriers and enhancing accessibility for all.


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