March 2020
Government Passes Legislation to Allow Councils to Meet Electronically

2020-03-19 2:44:26 PM

Amid the COVID19 outbreak, the Ontario Legislature met today in an emergency sitting and passed Bill 187, the Municipal Emergency Act, which amends the Municipal Act and City of Toronto Act to allow municipalities to meet electronically in times of emergency. 

Passed unanimously, the Bill will allow municipalities to fully conduct Council, local board and committee meetings in situations of local and province-wide emergencies. The implementation of this will be up to municipalities, such as how to set up meetings and the technology to use.

The Bill also temporarily waives noise bylaws to allow trucks to deliver services 24/7. 

Bill 186, Employment Standards Amendment Act (Infectious Disease Emergencies), was also passed providing support to workers amid the outbreak.

For more information, please see below:

Ontario Newsroom: Ontario Supporting Workers, Municipalities and Retailers in Response to COVID-19


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