March 2019
Government Launches Local Consultations on Regional Governance Review

2019-03-14 9:28:01 AM


The Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing yesterday announced that it is launching online consultations for residents, businesses, and stakeholders in the 82 upper-and-lower-tier municipalities included in the regional governance review. The Ministry is specifically looking for feedback on regional governance, decision-making, and service delivery.

Special Advisors Michael Fenn and Ken Seiling will assess the feedback and will present their recommendations on their review to Minister Clark in the coming summer. 

The deadline to submit comments is April 23, 2019. 

As previously reported, AMCTO is one of two organizations specifically named in the Terms of Reference for the Special Advisors for the ongoing review. AMCTO looks forward to being engaged on this and will provide updates when they become available.

Click here to submit your comments. 

For more information, please see below:

Government Invites Feedback on Regional Government Review


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