March 2016
Globe Editorial Calls for More Toll Roads

2016-03-17 4:23:43 PM


The Globe and Mail editorial board released a new editorial today  calling for Canadian jurisdictions at the provincial and municipal level to make better use of road tolls:

Toronto is in an absurd position, and one shared by cities and provinces across Canada. If you ride public transit, you have to pay a fare. And the more rides you take, the more you pay. Ditto for airline passengers: The country’s major airports are funded by user fees tacked on to the ticket prices. Each time you fly, you pay. But if you drive, you can use the roads as often as you like, for free. The taxpayer subsidy to drivers is as massive as it it unnecessary.
The editorial notes that 26 American states use tolled highways, and that in the U.S. and Europe (where there are also numerous tolled roads) people were initially irritated by the congestion charges, but soon got used to them. Screen Shot 2016-03-17 at 12.17.47 PM Read the full article here.


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