June 2022
Premier Ford Appoints Cabinet

2022-06-29 9:24:25 AM


On Friday, June 24th, Premier Ford unveiled his new cabinet, keeping many existing members, appointing some returning caucus members to cabinet for the first time, and rewarding some of the newest MPPs.

Of particular interest to AMCTO and the municipal sector are the following Cabinet appointments:

  • Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing: Steve Clark
  • Associate Minister of Housing: Michael Parsa
  • Attorney General: Doug Downey
  • Minister of Finance: Peter Bethlenfalvy
  • Minister Public and Business Service Delivery (Formerly Government and Consumer Services): Kaleed Rasheed
  • Minister Infrastructure with mandate for government real estate: Kinga Surma
  • Solicitor General: Michael Kerzner
  • Minister of Red Tape Reduction: Parm Gill
Other notable appointments include the appointment of Sylvia Jones as Minister of Health and Deputy Premier, and former municipal elected officials Graydon Smith as Minister of Natural Resources and Forestry, George Pirie as Minister of Mines with a mandate to develop the Ring of Fire, and Charmaine Williams as Associate Minister of Women’s Social and Economic Opportunity, the post that led the government's consultations on Stregthening Municipal Codes of Conduct.

AMCTO looks forward to meeting with new members of cabinet over the coming months to advocate for our members’ interests.

News release: Premier Ford Unveils New Cabinet to Build Ontario


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