July 2019
Ransomware Attack Hits Eastern Ontario Municipality

2019-07-11 4:01:56 PM


The municipality of The Nation, located near Casselman, Ontario was recently the victim of a malware attack on June 30th. The municipality’s computers were accessed illegally and infected with ransomware, which rendered some of their programs, including their email system, unusable.

As of yesterday, all of the municipality’s programs and email system were restored.

The hackers demanded to be paid between $7,000 and $10,000 in bitcoin but were refused payment by the municipality who knew their access could be restored through their IT infrastructure.  

The Nation reported the attack to the Ontario Provincial Police and the Information and Privacy Commissioner of Ontario.  

It is becoming an increasing trend for cyber hackers to target municipalities for cyberattacks. Last month, the City of Burlington fell victim to a phishing email that defrauded the city out of $503,000.

The cyberattack incidents in the municipality of The Nation and the City of Burlington are two examples of a number that are occurring to municipalities across the country.

This is a regular topic of discussion during AMCTO’s Municipal Information Access & Privacy Forum. To register for this forum held on November 15, 2019, click here.

The OPP has also warned of a recent string of ransomware attacks on businesses and municipalities and has shared resources on how to deal with the attack.  


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