July 2019
Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM) Seeking Municipal Cannabis Costs To Date

2019-07-31 3:12:01 PM


With the help of CAMA (Canadian Association of Municipal Administrators), FCM is looking for assistance from municipalities to help inform their efforts on cannabis policy and advocacy once the federal government revisits the federal-municipal legalization agreement in December 2019. The information will be used to support the municipal case in upcoming negotiations.

FCM is specifically seeking the following information regarding cannabis legalization costs:

  • Policing costs

  • Administrative costs; and

  • Where possible:

    • One-time costs

    • Ongoing costs over five years

The submitted information will remain confidential to FCM and will not be shared publically.

The deadline to provide FCM with this information is Friday August 16, 2019. Please send your information to Jennifer Goodine, CAMA Executive Director at admin@camacam.ca.

Any questions can be directed to Tom Stiles, FCM Policy Advisor at tstiles@fcm.ca

By submitting the requested information, you will help inform FCM of legalization costs, both direct and indirect, which municipalites should not bear. The current agreement invovles the province collecting 75% of all excise tax on cannabis sales with the federal government collecting the remaining 25%. The provincial-municipal funding deal will also be reviewed next year to possibly re-negotiate the existing deal. 

AMCTO is pleased to assist these collection efforts by providing municipalities the opportunity to share their costing details relating to cannabis legalization to date. We would encourage all municipalities to submit their data to help efforts that would work to ensure that cannabis revenue is used to cover costs absorbed by local governments. 

For more information, please see below:

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