July 2019
AMCTO’s Issue at a Glance: Voters’ List Now Available

2019-07-30 9:33:55 AM

CATEGORIES: Elections, Advocacy

In light of Elections Ontario recent report containing recommendations to improve the municipal voters’ list, AMCTO has released a second edition of its Issue at a Glance briefing note series on the Voters’ List.  
Elections Ontario’s report, Modernizing Ontario’s Electoral Process, makes the following recommendations on the voters’ list:

  • Establishing a single address authority to standardize addressing across Ontario and improve services that rely on address information; and

  • Make Elections Ontario responsible for municipal voters lists to increase consistency and accuracy between voters list.

The association has long held the position that the existing process for creating, maintaining, and amending the municipal voters’ list has not addressed the continually flawed list provided to Ontario’s local governments every municipal election cycle.

AMCTO is generally supportive of the recommendations on the voters’ list and applauds Elections Ontario for tabling the report to the provincial legislature. 

To read AMCTO’s Voters’ List edition of the Issue at a Glance series, please click here.

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