January 2023
New Report on Local Government in Rural Ontario

2023-01-10 5:06:39 PM

University of Guelph Professor Ryan Gibson and PhD student John Dale recently a published a new report titled, “Do more, with less: The realities of local government in rural Ontario”. The research interviewed staff and elected officials of eight rural communities in Ontario.

Key Findings include:

  • “local government policy changes in rural Ontario have created new responsibilities with limited financial and human resources, resulting in a “do more, with less” approach;
  • New Public Management approaches continue to impact the ability of local governments in rural Ontario;
  • The policy landscape has created, perhaps necessitated, opportunities for local governments to seek alternative strategies to deliver programs and services.”
For more information, check out this blog post from the Rural Ontario Institute: Rural Local Governments Need to Pursue Entrepreneurial Strategies to Support Rural Futures


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