January 2019
Government to Assist with Recreational Cannabis Costs

2019-01-23 3:41:10 PM

Through the Ontario Cannabis Legalization Implementation Fund, the Ontario government is providing a payment of $15 million to its municipalities by the end of February to assist with the cost of legalizing cannabis and combatting the illegal market.

This is the second of a series of payments which the government will provide to Ontario municipalities through the Fund which will total $40 million over two years. $10 million of the $40 million in funding will be set aside for unforeseen circumstances relating to the legalization of recreational cannabis with priority given to municipalities that did not opt out of hosting private cannabis retail stores. 

The 77 municipalities that opted out will receive $5,000 each. Those that did not opt out will receive funding on a per-household basis, adjusted so that at least $5,000 is provided to each municipality. Those municipalities that did not opt out will also receive 50% of the surplus of Ontario’s portion of the federal excise duty on recreational cannabis. 

For more information, please see below: 

Ontario Helping With Recreational Cannabis Costs 


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