January 2019
AMCTO Releases 2019 Pre-Budget Submission

2019-01-21 2:37:19 PM

CATEGORIES: Advocacy, Finance

AMCTO is pleased to release its 2019 Pre-Budget Submission. With Ontario’s local governments under increasing pressure to respond to the growing number of demands and challenges in their communities, addressing such challenges will require prudent policy guidance from local government professionals which is reflected in this submission. Our submission contains the following principally guided recommendations:

Promote Fiscal Sustainability 

  • Protect municipal transfer payments

  • Allow municipalities access to greater revenue tools 

  • Continue to invest in infrastructure

Strengthen Municipal-Provincial Relations

  • Reduce the reporting burden

  • Enhance collaboration and consultation 

Policy Reforms for Local Government

  • Reform joint and several liability 

  • Bring an end to interest arbitration 

  • Reform the Provincial Offences Act (POA)

You can read AMCTO's 2019 Pre-Budget Submission here.


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