January 2018
AMCTO Releases 2018 Pre-budget Submission

2018-01-17 9:00:00 AM

CATEGORIES: Advocacy, Finance

Today AMCTO President Yvonne Robert appeared before the Standing Committee on Finance and Economic Affairs during its pre-budget consultations in Ottawa to present AMCTO’s recommendations for the 2018 Ontario budget. Our submission contains the following recommendations:
Fiscal Sustainability

  • Reform the province’s Joint and Several Liability system

  • Allow municipalities to access new revenue tools

  • Bring an end to interest arbitration

  • Continue to implement reforms that help municipalities collect unpaid Provincial Offences Act (POA) fines

  • Ensure that cannabis revenue is use to cover the local costs of implementation 

Reporting Burden

  • Pilot new, innovative and more effective forms of reporting

  • Establish and maintain a comprehensive list of provincially required reports

  • Streamline and reduce the regulatory and reporting regime for Ontario’s municipalities 

Succession Planning and Capacity Building

  • Fund an internship program for aspiring local government public servants

  • Create a pool of funding available for public servants working in small, remote and norther municipalities to access professional development, training and educational opportunities 

Read AMCTO’s 2018 Pre-budget Submission


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