January 2016
Minister Supports Reduced Role for OMB

2016-01-04 3:41:53 PM


Speaking in a year-end interview, Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing Ted McMeekin indicated that he would be in favour of a reduced role for the Ontario Municipal Board. Specifically, McMeekin said that he doesn't support the notion that the OMB should be able to override the decisions of a democratically elected council.

The idea that a non-elected body can override an elected body just kind of sticks in my craw a bit, so we'll be looking at that...
The Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing will be conducting a review of the OMB in 2016, and while McMeekin said that the Ministry has no plans to eliminate the board, the review will concentrate on "roping it in a bit in terms of what it focuses on." One solution would be exempting certain planning areas from OMB review, for instance the plans made by municipal social housing corporations. The Minister was instructed to conduct a review of the OMB in his 2014 mandate letter.      


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