January 2016
AMO Releases Pre-Budget Submisssion

2016-01-20 3:34:53 PM


The Association of Municipalities Ontario (AMO) has released its pre-budget submission, following AMO President Gary MacNamara's presentation before the Standing Committee on Finance and Economic Affairs yesterday in Windsor. AMO's submission contains recommendations on the following 11 issues:

  1. The upload
  2. OMPF
  3. Interest arbitration
  4. Infrastructure and social housing
  5. Toronto tax tools
  6. Joint and several liability reform
  7. Photo radar
  8. Prudent investor status
  9. Heads and beds
  10. Power dams
  11. Municipal reporting to the province
You can find the full AMO submission here. AMCTO President Chris Wray is in Thunder Bay today to present AMCTO's budget recommendations to the committee.


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