February 2022
Province Releases Housing Affordability Task Force Report

2022-02-08 1:15:53 PM

The Province has published the report from the Housing Affordability Task Force. The Task Force is part of Ontario’s ongoing consultations with industry, municipalities and the public to help the Government identify and implement solutions to address housing supply.

The Task Force report’s recommendations include five main areas to increase the supply of market housing with the goal of adding 1.5 million homes over the next 10 years:

  • Make changes to planning policies and zoning to allow for greater density and increase the variety of housing;
  • Reduce and streamline urban design rules to lower costs of development;
  • Prevent abuse of the appeal process and address the backlog at the Ontario Land Tribunal by prioritizing cases that increase housing; and
  • Align efforts between all levels of government to incentivise more housing.
The report makes other recommendations to increase housing supply over the long-term, including to digitize and modernize the approvals and planning process, grow the skilled labour workforce, and encourage new pathways to home ownership.

The Task Force was announced in December 2021 with a mandate of exploring measures to replace housing affordability by increasing the supply of market rental and ownership housing, building housing supply in complete communities, reducing red tape and accelerating timelines, encouraging innovation and digital modernization, supporting economic recovery and job creation, and balancing housing needs with protecting the environment.

AMCTO staff will continue to monitor the Government’s work on increasing market housing supply, including if they choose to implement recommendations of this report, for potential impacts for our members.

News Release: Ontario Publishes Housing Affordability Task Force Report
Report of the Ontario Housing Affordability Task Force


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