February 2016
Governments Need to Begin Planning for Self-driving Cars

2016-02-17 8:22:59 PM


The Mowat Centre has released a new report warning that the imminent arrival of self-driving cars necessitates government action now before they become the new normal on our roads. It highlights the importance of developing policy and regulatory frameworks now, while the technology is still being tested.

The report recommends several principles to guide governments in how to approach the questions raised by this emerging technology, including:

  • Governments should avoid trying to predict exactly which technology will be adopted by consumers, and instead policy should make room for a variety of technology options.
  • Policy should be developed through cooperation across different levels of government and with industry.
  • Policy should be created in a transparent manner that builds trust in the new technology.
  • Governments should invest in multi-use infrastructure that could support automated vehicles in the future.

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