February 2016
Federal Government Pledges Better Relationship with Municipalities

2016-02-08 11:12:48 PM


Speaking last week at a meeting with the mayors of Canada's largest cities, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced that the federal government was "restarting" its relationship with municipalities. The meeting, which was facilitated by the Federation of Canadian Municipalities' Big City Mayors' Caucus, was attended by six cabinet ministers and touched on a range of topics, with a focus on the government's planned investments in infrastructure. Chair of Big City Mayors' Caucus (and Mayor of Edmonton) Don Iveson:

What we saw at this meeting was the federal government's commitment to work with us as partners on issues that are critical to Canadian families like affordable housing, green infrastructure and public transit; especially through Canada's economic downturn. We are encouraged about the opportunities to work together to solve national challenges and make a concrete difference for Canadians.


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