December 2020
Proposal to Modernize Occupational Health and Safety Act Regulations on Reporting

2020-12-22 10:10:30 AM


The Ministry of Labour, Training and Skills Development is proposing to streamline prescribed written reporting requirements into a single regulation that would apply to all workplaces covered by the ocupational health and Safety Act (OHSA). 

Consultation Period: December 18 2020- February 21 2021
Ministry: Ministry of Labour, Training and Skills Development
Legislation: Occupational Health and Safety Act and various regulations. 
To read the proposal and to comment:

Workplaces covered by OHSA are required to provide notice and reports to the Ministry and/or other specified workplace parties in the event of fatalities, critical injuries, occupational illness and other prescribed incidents or occurances under a number of regulations wherein the reporting requirements are similar yet different. Because some workplaces do not fall under these regulations, it is up to the employer to determine what information should be reported. As such, the ministry is proposing to create a single regulation that would apply to all workplaces.

In reporting on health and safety issues in particular, it is important to support municipal administrators in understanding their responsibilities and what is required of them in reporting on these matters. Generally, AMCTO supports approaches to streamlining regulations to make them more clear, consistent and easily applicable. This proposal appears to directly address the recommendations AMCTO has made on reducing the reporting burden.

AMCTO will be reviewing the proposal in detail and evaluating the opportunity to make a submission. Should you have any comments or concerns, please contact Alana Del Greco, Manager of Policy and Government Relations.


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