December 2019
Municipal Enforcement of School Speed Limits Through Photo Radar Now In Effect

2019-12-04 10:04:42 AM

As of December 1st, Ontario’s municipal governments can choose to enforce speed limits in school and community safety zones through the use of automated speed enforcement (ASE) technology.

ASE technology, or more commonly referred to as photo radar, will be governed by a regulatory framework that will give municipalities the ability to ticket or charge drivers in school and safety zones on roads with a speed limit of less than 80 km/hr. 

The Ministry of Transportation has sent the regulations to municipal governments for feedback. The regulations include:  

  • Signage that meets provincial requirements that are placed in school and community safety zones;

  • Signage must be posted 90 days ahead of the ASE technology coming into effect;

  • A consistent approach to signage, camera placement and local public safety and educational initiatives; and

  • Community safety zone selection criteria to ensure the program is targeting locations where the risk of speeding-related crashes is highest

The Ministry will review the program after 180 days.

Additional details will be given by the Ministry to clarify the types of ASE technology that may be used by municipalities, in addition to a description of enforcement procedures for any resulting Provincial Offences Act charges.

The regulatory framework will be made under Bill 65, Safer School Zones Act, which was passed by the previous government in 2017.

Toronto plans to make use of the regulations as part of its Vision Zero plan to eliminate all traffic-related fatalities.

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