December 2018
Minister of MMAH Acts on Commitment to Reducing the Reporting Burden

2018-12-05 5:14:39 PM


AMCTO is pleased that Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing Steve Clark has today sent out a letter to all Ontario municipalities stating his plan to address the reporting burden that is affecting the municipal sector.

Minister Clark’s team will address these concerns by convening a cross-government working group to bring together ministries with municipal reporting requirements. This group will be tasked with reducing reporting, ensuring the information collected is necessary for the province’s work, eliminting duplicate reporting, and ensuring reporting requirements for small municipalities are appropriate. A stakeholder working group of various municipal associations, which AMCTO will be part of, will also be assembled to address this issue. 

Over the past several years AMCTO has been advocating for a better approach to municipal-provincial reporting. Prior to the Ontario provincial elections in June AMCTO met with the Secretary of the Cabinet and senior public servants from a number of ministries from the previous Liberal government. We are pleased that the current government and Minister Steve Clark are honouring their commitment to act on this important policy file. 

To read more on the reporting burden, please see AMCTO’s report ‘Bearing the Burden.’


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