December 2015
New Tow Truck Regulations Approved

2015-12-18 2:24:25 PM


After months of consultation, the government has approved new regulations for the towing sector that are designed to crack-down on fraud. The new regulations will enter into effect on January 1, 2017 and require towing providers to:

  • Have permission from the consumer or someone acting on their behalf before towing or storing a vehicle
  • Publicly disclose rates and other information such as the provider's name and telephone number on tow trucks as well as in places of business
  • Accept credit card payments from consumers (and not insist on cash only)
  • Notify consumers where their vehicle will be towed
  • Allow consumers to access their towed vehicles to remove personal property at no charge
  • Give consumers an itemized invoice listing the services provided and costs before receiving payment
  • Disclose if they are getting a financial incentive for towing a vehicle to a particular vehicle storage facility or repair shop.
For more: MGCS Backgrounder: Stronger Rules for Towing and Vehicle Storage Services 


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