December 2015
Ministry Releases MEA Consultation Summary

2015-12-22 6:09:03 PM


The Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing has released a summary paper presenting the highlights of its consultation on the Municipal Elections Act (MEA). While not comprehensive, the paper summarizes the input that the Ministry received and provides a glimpse of what issues might be addressed by the Ministry as it prepares to amend the MEA before the 2018 municipal elections. Some of the issues addressed include:

  • Ranked ballots
  • Campaign finance
  • Third-party advertising
  • Accessibility
  • Enforcement
  • Voters' List
  • Length of the campaign period
  • Nomination fee
AMCTO will continue to provide updates on the government's review of the Municipal Elections Act on this blog. Read the full paper here. For more: AMCTO Municipal Elections Act Submission


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