August 2021
Ontario Appoints Special Advisor on Data Authority

2021-08-09 4:35:55 PM

The Provincial Government has appointed public data expert, Andy Best, to support the development of a Provincial Data Authority, first announced in Ontario’s Digital and Data Strategy in the spring. The Data Authority will be responsible for building modern data infrastructure to support economic and social growth, while keeping that information private and secure.

Andy Best is the CEO and co-founder of Civic Digital Network, a non-profit organization that creates data infrastructure frameworks to help public institutions adapt and evolve to meet today’s digital realities. He has worked with municipalities, helping to design and integrate new data programs into their operations to support innovation and better decision-making. While leading the innovation file for the City of Guelph, he implemented Canada’s first municipal open government action plan and co-designed its Civic Accelerator innovation procurement plan.

Over the coming months, Andy Best will support public consultations with citizens and leading data and privacy experts to understand how public-governed data infrastructure can help grow Ontario’s businesses, support communities and enable individuals to succeed in a more connected world. He will also advise on the design and infrastructure requirements of the Data Authority.

Public consultations are to take place later this summer.

Ontario Appoints Special Advisor on Data Authority
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