August 2019
Minister Clark Provides Reporting Burden Update at AMO Conference

2019-08-20 6:11:02 PM


Today at the annual Association of Municipalities Ontario (AMO) conference, Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing Steve Clark discussed the reporting burden file – one of AMCTO’s key policy priorities since 2017.

Building off Premier Ford’s address yesterday, Minister Clark briefly spoke to the following:

  • The Ministry broke down the reporting burden reductions into three categories: elimination, consolidation, and simplification.

  • 94 reports eliminated, and 27 consolidated and simplified were announced

While the 94 reports eliminated and the 27 consolidated and simplified is a good start, AMCTO is unaware which reports are counted as elimination, consolidation, and simplification. We are also unaware of the benefit it will yield to local government professionals as we have not seen an up-to-date reporting inventory. AMCTO staff are currently in the process of requesting such information from staff at MMAH.

While we are pleased the attention this file received, as well as the reduction efforts to date, we are keen to identify the details around this reduction. We believe that as more specifics are unveiled, more can be tangibly said on if the government’s initiative has helped reduce the ongoing reporting burden lived by Ontario’s municipalities.

For more information, please see below:

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