August 2019
AMCTO Releases Third Edition of Issue at a Glance Series

2019-08-30 2:50:16 PM

In the context of the Attorney General recently opening consultations to reform the system, AMCTO has released a third edition of its briefing note series, Issue at a Glance, on Joint and Several Liability.

The issues surrounding joint and several liability, its recent history, and current status are highlighted.

Reforming the system has been a long-standing position for AMCTO as the system is fiscally challenging for municipal governments and places disproportionate accountability onto them. This has resulted in higher insurance premiums, increased settlements, and has potentially reduced services to the public. 

Please note that the Attorney General’s consultations will be closing on September 27th.

To read this latest edition of AMCTO’s Issue at a Glance, please click here.


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