August 2018
Province Outlines Cannabis Distribution Model

2018-08-14 5:17:56 PM

Yesterday the government of Ontario outlined its proposed model for the sale of recreational cannabis. When recreational cannabis becomes legal on October 17th Ontarians will be able to order online through an online retail platform operated by the provincially-run Ontario Cannabis Store. Online sales will be supplemented by privately licensed distributors beginning April 1, 2019. Private retailers will have to obtain a license awarded by the province and comply with a set of provincial-set rules, including an "Official Ontario Cannabis Retailer Seal." The previous Liberal government had proposed a model of government-owned retail outlets. 

In addition to the new private retail model, the province will also provide municipalities with a one-time opportunity to opt-out of allowing physical cannabis retail outlets within their jurisdiction. 

For more: 

Press Release: Ontario Announces Cannabis Retail Model 


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